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What the reviewers are saying about DreadMill:

  • “First off, I have to say I almost died playing this game. No, really - when the menu music kicked in I seriously injured myself laughing...”

  • “This is definitely a game for twitch gamers that want to see if they can push their zombie buddy past one more blade than last time.”

  • “This is totally a pickup and play type game and a strangely addicting one.”

  • “If you are looking for a crazy pickup and play game then Dreadmill is a good choice.”

  • Buh-buh-buh-buh-buhhh I'm lovin' it!”

Clock*Rocket's hilarious action game, "DREADMILL," puts you in control of a tragic zombie athlete trapped in an underground lumber-mill, running on a conveyor-belt amid a storm of spinning sawblades!

"DREADMILL" - a darkly funny comment on games, dead people, and the lumber industry - offers endless hours of challenging, addictive fun. Extremely simple controls, awesome graphics and animations, and laugh-out-loud gameplay!

Keywords: game, humor, arcade, zombie

1.1 Features:

- ONLINE Leader-boards! Jump and duck your way to dominance on Open Feint!
- ONLINE Achievements! Unlock a host of cool narrative achievements!
- Updated, optimized user-interface system.
- Improved audio! Bone cracks and joint snaps when the zombie does his thing!
- Reversed direction of sawblades (for those sawmill purists)!


- SUPER-SIMPLE! Tap high to jump, tap low to duck - avoid obstacles to score points!
- FAST-PACED! With different obstacle placement each time you play!
- Beautifully rendered game environment.
- Awesome, fully-animated 3D zombie avatars.
- Choose between two (2) different outfits for your zombie!
- Shocking horror effects!

Languages: English

Requirements: iPhone operating system version 2.2.1 or later

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