Shotgun Granny

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Roll up your moo moo, and fasten your dentures,

'cause you got some aliens to kill!

Zombie Weatherman




Laser Core




So there sat Granny, like every other day, on her porch minding her own business - when a weird metallic whine soared over the hillside. Granny got up to investigate. She looked to the sky... and it grew dark, crowded with circular shadows.

Granny knew exactly what was going on: a massive invasion by space aliens!

Keywords: game, humor, shooter, arcade, sci-fi, ufo, granny, shotgun


- Achievements and online leaderboards via Open Feint!
- Explosive shotgun blasting action!
- Get multiple kills per shot for huge points!
- Unlock hilarious Granny dialog with multi-kill combos!
- Surprising depth! Easy to play, but difficult to master.
- Collect Ammunition, Super-speed and Mega-bomb powerups.

Languages: English

Requirements: iPhone operating system version 2.2.1 or later